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Little Cayman

So near and yet “another world”.  Little Cayman, the smallest and least populated of the three Cayman Islands, is only 90 miles from Grand Cayman and 14 from Cayman Brac, but it feels like a different world, or at least at the edge of this world.

With a population of under 200, and only 10 miles long, the tranquility, the absence of noise, pollution, crowds, traffic, stress are striking, overwhelmingly delicious. Blossom Village “shopping mall” houses Village Square Supermarket, which is actually a combination grocery/hardware/electronics shop, where you’ll find the basic staples – except when the barge from Grand Cayman is delayed.

The landing strip

Fresh fruit and vegetables may often be in short supply, but you’ll probably find a large-screen TV on hand, as well as any nails and screws you might need. Blossom Village also houses the one bank on the island. The Cayman National Bank branch is open two days a week – on Monday and Thursday – from 9:00am to 2:00pm, with a half-hour lunch break from 11:30 to Noon.

And yet, electricity, mobile service and Internet access are very reliable, and credit cards are accepted pretty much everywhere. Little Cayman’s two main attractions are world-class diving and relaxation (i.e., total escape). Nothing else on offer, but that’s not quite true. There’s also fishing and birding.

Blossom Village “shopping mall”

Excellent deep sea fishing and flyfishing, Bringing your catch back to the chef at your hotel will guarantee the freshest seafood meal possible. For birdwatchers, who come from around the world, Little Cayman offers a unique experience and unique species among the 200 around the island.

No crowds, no traffic and because of the almost non-existent ambient light, the evening sky seems to display more stars than you’ll see anywhere else. Taking a stroll down the road, you’ll rarely cross another person orvehicle, and when you do, they’ll invariably give you a friendly greeting.

The only “crowd” you’re likely to encounter during your tour of the island, are the people with you on the minibus.

Rush hour on Little Cayman

Crowded beach on Little Cayman

Airfield office and fire station